Everything is filed electronically.  There is no reason to meet in person.  Your questions will be answered via skype or email and your documents delivered electronically.  Refunds are deposited directly to your bank and payments made by your choice check or electronic.

​Let’s face it. Sometimes understanding and filing your taxes isn't as easy as it seems. For most of our clients, they come to us in need of some help to get their individual and/or business taxes filed. It's the modern era and a lot of us are nomads in the digital age, there is no reason to leave your home or office to get your taxes done.  Here at Virtual Tax Inc. we've seen it all. Most of our clients are looking for the quickest most efficient way to get things done. We're here to help and won't waste any of your precious time or money, we guarantee you will be happy with the results of our service.


Bitcoin and Crypto Taxation

We have a professional and educated staff that utilizes the best tax software to work for you.  We find the most deductions and guide you through the tax planning and preparation process.  Refunds are fast and payment plans are easy.


Experienced Tax Accountants

Virtual Tax Inc

Electronic Filing

For our self-employed individuals and business individuals we utilize Quickbooks on-line or other electronic accounting methods so you never have to leave your office.  Bookkeeping is geared towards tax reduction and is fast and efficient.